WhatIs definition: Inline network device

Network Intrusion Detection (IDS)

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  • White House declassifies CNCI summary, lifts veil on security initiatives

    Summary document outlines ongoing initiatives to improve cybersecurity at the federal level as well as the security of the supply chain and private networks of critical infrastructure facilities. 

  • Preventing SQL injection attacks: A network admin's perspective

    Your database administrators and application developers should certainly be following best practices to avoid SQL injections, but Michael Cobb explains how network admins can do their part to fight those security exploits. 

  • Lifecycle of a network security vulnerability

    In a chapter excerpt from Practical Intrusion Analysis: Prevention and Detection for the Twenty-First Century,author Ryan Trost reveals the full process of providing intrusion detection system coverage for a security vulnerability. 

  • Rogue AP containment methods

    Wireless network monitoring systems are quickly moving from detection alone to detection and prevention. In particular, many now provide options to "block" rogue devices, preventing wireless or wired network access. This tip explores how these contai... 

  • SIMs tools and tactics for business intelligence

    Security information management systems (SIMs) automate the process of looking through logs to help produce effective reports, issue alerts and do forensics. In the era of regulation, organizations also need added visibility into their networks and a... 

  • IPS and IDS deployment strategies

    Deploying an IDS and an IPS system may seem like two different tasks, but really the two are closely related. Mike Chapple weighs in on the similarities of the deployment strategies. 

  • New product aims to control rogue applications that avoid firewalls

    Palo Alto Networks Inc. was sporting the slogan "Fix the Firewall" at its first Infosecurity Europe exhibition in London, and showing off its range of firewall appliances that attempt to control applications that avoid firewall detection. 

  • How to perform a network forensic analysis and investigation

    Situation: A breach has occurred at your enterprise, and you need to gather relevant data, fast. What tools can you use to get the job done? In this expert response, Mike Chapple gives pointers on which network forensic analysis tools can help. 

  • What is the cause of an 'intrusion attempt' message?

    Have you ever received a message from your endpoint security product stating that an intrusion attempt has been blocked? Mike Chapple gives three possibilities for the alert's likely cause. 

  • network behavior analysis (NBA)

    Network behavior analysis (NBA) is a method of enhancing the security of a proprietary network by monitoring traffic and noting unusual actions or departures from normal operation... (Continued)