The enterprise IPS balancing act: Simplicity vs. granularity

Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

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  • Lesson 4: How to use wireless IPS 2

    In Lesson 4 of Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning, you'll walk away with an understanding of the value of wireless IPS -- even if your organization doesn't support a wireless LAN. Also, learn how to choose a WIPS for your environment and how to fig... 

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    How much did you learn about enterprise wireless security from lesson one? Find out how much you retained. 

  • Hacker attack techniques and tactics: Understanding hacking strategies

    This guide provides you with a plethora of tips, expert advice and Web resources that offer more in-depth information about hacker techniques and various tactics you can employ to protect your network. 

  • SIMs tools and tactics for business intelligence

    Security information management systems (SIMs) automate the process of looking through logs to help produce effective reports, issue alerts and do forensics. In the era of regulation, organizations also need added visibility into their networks and a... 

  • IPS and IDS deployment strategies

    Deploying an IDS and an IPS system may seem like two different tasks, but really the two are closely related. Mike Chapple weighs in on the similarities of the deployment strategies. 

  • I'll be watching you: Wireless IPS

    Focusing on IPS, Lisa Phifer of Core Competence Inc. discusses some of IPS' common features and how it differs from its wired counterparts. 

  • What are the best practices for IPS implementation?

    Implementing an intrusion prevention system can be a tricky proposition. Network expert Mike Chapple explains some common IPS deployment challenges. 

  • network behavior analysis (NBA)

    Network behavior analysis (NBA) is a method of enhancing the security of a proprietary network by monitoring traffic and noting unusual actions or departures from normal operation... (Continued) 

  • Intrusion detection vs. intrusion prevention

    Both IPS and IDS tools are designed to monitor the network for signs of unusual activity. Network security expert Mike Chapple explain how each technology differs in its approach. 

  • IBM announcements mark two years of ISS marriage

    The ISS unit has produced a number of updates, including unified threat management for small businesses and a virtual appliance for its network intrusion prevention system (IPS).