The enterprise IPS balancing act: Simplicity vs. granularity

Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

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    If you're considering IPS for your enterprise, make sure you know what to look for in the products you're reviewing. In this tip, network security expert David Meier describes how to conduct an IPS comparison and review of various features, including... 

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    After a few years of growing pains, today's IPS vendors are touting the maturity of their products. Not so fast, says Mike Chapple. The network security expert explains why the more IPSes "change," the more they stay the same. 

  • Plentiful VoIP exploits demand careful consideration

    Enterprise VoIP vendors may tout "plug-and-play" products that are ready to run right out of the box, but those vendors may not be taking security into consideration. As information security threats expert Ed Skoudis writes, there are many potential ... 

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    As with most industries, the information security field has certainly seen its fair share of trends come and go. While some, like network access control, prove to be beneficial, others have proven to be risky. In this tip, Mike Chapple details why on... 

  • How to recover your network after a security breach

    For SMBs that don't have a budget to invest in a full-scale network management system, recovering from a security breach requires more work from the IT staff than just pressing a few buttons. In this tip, Tom Lancaster pinpoints the five most importa... 

  • The key technologies in a network perimeter intrusion defense strategy

    This article lays the groundwork for future discussions of intrusion defense. Joel Snyder introduces technologies that act as strong network perimeter defenses. 

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    Learn about antivirus from an intelligence/technology perspective and offers best practices for simple file-type blocking, and the implementation of heuristic- and reputation-based antivirus tools. 

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    Your network's been cracked, what do you do next? Contributor Jonathan Hassell recommends following these eleven steps to limit damage and preserve evidence.