Cisco's ‘Application Centric Infrastructure' vs. SDN

Network Protocols and Security

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  • The pros and cons of FTP over SSL

    Compare and contrast the pros and cons of having hosts send PGP-encrypted files to an existing FTP site against building an ad hoc FTP server using SSL, in this Ask the Expert Q&A 

  • For VoIP, too many threats to count

    At Interop New York, a crew of experts discussed what security challenges VoIP creates and offered some helpful tips. One expert called VoIP technology a "moving target" for attacks. 

  • ISA Server security don'ts

    Use this checklist of configuration don'ts to learn what to avoid when securing ISA Server. 

  • How FTPS differs from TLS

    Take an indepth look at FTP over SSL, how it works and how it differs from TLS and other protocols 

  • IP cloaking becoming a business necessity

    Just by browsing your competitor's Web site, you might be giving away your company's most guarded secrets. Experts offer advice for countering the subterfuge and keeping secrets safe. 

  • IPsec architectures and implementation methods

    In this excerpt of The TCP/IP Guide, author Charles M. Kozierok explains the three different implementation architectures defined for IPsec: integrated, bump in the stack (BITS) and bump in the wire (WITW). 

  • Don't believe the VoIP security hype

    The VoIP Security Alliance recently created a "Threat Taxonomy" outlining threats, and vendors are flooding the market with security products. What should companies be afraid of? 

  • Group seeks to bolster VoIP security

    An industry coalition has published a lengthy list of guidelines to help identify and deal with threats against Internet voice communications systems. 

  • High-risk flaws in Skype

    Attackers could cause a denial-of-service attack or launch malicious code by exploiting vulnerabilities in the Internet telephony software. But fixes are available. 

  • The future of Telnet and FTP

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, our application security expert discusses what he believes what will happen to the Telnet and FTP application layer protocols as the industry prepares for the future.