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  • ClamAV clamps down on e-mail security

    In this monthly Downloads column, contributing editor Scott Sidel examines Clam AntiVirus, an open source antivirus toolkit for Unix, specializing in email scanning on mail gateways. 

  • Digital forensics tool Helix 'does no harm'

    Forensics isn't just for the scientists. This month, contributor Scott Sidel recommends Helix, a digital forensics tool that can do some important detective work on your system. 

  • What is an Nmap Maimon scan?

    Systems are often designed to hide out on a network. In this Q&A, network security expert Mike Chapple explains how Nmap Maimon scans can get a response out of them. 

  • BackTrack is one forward-thinking penetration testing tool

    In this expert commentary, security expert Scott Sidel discusses the mechanics behind BackTrack 2.0, an extensive collaboration of security and forensics tools designed to assist security professionals. 

  • Wireshark: Taking a bite out of packet analysis

    If you need to sniff out problem packets, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on network data analysis. Scott sidel recommends a free tool that's right under your nose: Wireshark. 

  • Sourcefire fixes Snort flaw

    Attackers could exploit a flaw in the popular open source Snort IDS tool to cause a denial of service or launch malicious code. 

  • Open source ID projects link up with Microsoft

    Higgins-Bandit groups develop a new open source tool that could make independent ID systems compatible with Microsoft Windows CardSpace program. 

  • Bug Briefs: OpenOffice vulnerable to attack

    Other flaws were reported in Apple QuickTime, Mac OS X, Adobe Reader, VideoLAN VLC, the Opera Web browser, and Cisco Access Control Server. 

  • Comodo Firewall: An intelligent way to protect against application attacks

    Looking for a solid firewall replacement? Contributing editor, Scott Sidel, recommends Comodo Firewall, an open source tool that can prevent application attacks. 

  • What enterprise tools can scan files for sensitive data?

    Given the many recent high-profile data breaches, organizations seem keen on securing their sensitive data, including credit card and social security numbers. In this expert Q&A,'s Mike Chapple reviews tools that can scan text-base...