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  • Nmap parsers and interfaces

    SearchSecurity expert contributor Michael Cobb continues his series on Nmap with a detailed look at Nmap parsers and interfaces. 

  • Logwatch: Taking the pain out of log analysis

    This column reviews the benefits of Logwatch, an open source security log analysis tool. 

  • Interpreting and acting on Nmap scan results

    As we continue our series on Nmap in the enterprise, SearchSecurity expert contributor Michael Cobb explains how to run some of the more regular Nmap scans. 

  • Metasploit completes license change, updates framework

    The open source pen-testing platform is used nearly universally by security assessment firms -- even those that buy "competitive" products from Core, Immunity and others, but big licensing and platform changes are in the works. 

  • Nmap: Techniques for improving scan times

    As we continue our series on using Nmap in the enterprise, SearchSecurity expert Michael Cobb provides commands that will help you adjust your Nmap scan times appropriately -- whether you want Nmap to run slow and quietly, fast and furious, or somewh... 

  • Brief: Moore releases flaw-finding tool

    On the eve of Black Hat, Metasploit Project founder H.D. Moore has released a new tool for finding vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer ActiveX controls, and an updated version of the Metasploit Framework. 

  • Nmap: Firewall configuration testing

    This tip, in our Nmap manual series, explains how Nmap can be used to test the effectiveness of a firewall configuration. Learn how to use the open source network mapper to better understand how your firewall handles uninvited traffic and to test yo... 

  • Five freeware tools for mitigating network vulnerabilities

    From Nmap to Snort, there are a variety of viable freeware tools available for information security professionals. In this tip, Michael Cobb reviews five freeware tools and explains why he believes they are the best tools in their space. 

  • Shareware applications vs. commercial software

    Considering using a shareware application? In this information security threats Ask the Expert Q&A, SearchSecurity's resident expert Ed Skoudis examines if commercial software product are more secure than shareware applications. 

  • Can Snort read multi-platform syslogs?

    Most security pros are aware of Snort's network intrusion detection capabilities, but can this freeware tool read and monitor multi-platform syslogs? SearchSecurity's network security expert Mike Chapple tackles this question in this Ask the Expert Q...