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  • Nmap: More port scanning techniques

    In this fifth tip in our Nmap manual, expert Michael Cobb looks at some of the Nmap port scanning techniques that exploit certain idiosyncrasies of specific platforms or protocols in order to better differentiate between open and c... 

  • Are there any patch management products that track the patching process?

    Before you dip into your IT budget to solve your patching problems, read this Q&A. Our platform security expert examines why security pros should consider using available freeware products to track and manage their patching process. 

  • Brief: Sourcefire addresses Snort flaw

    Sourcefire has issued an updated version of Snort to address a flaw that could allow malicious packets to damage Snort-protected computers. 

  • Security Bytes: Major spammer offers an allocution

    Meanwhile, McAfee acquires Preventsys; a new Snort fix is released; Microsoft launches Web-based security services; and a group forms to tackle health industry flaws. 

  • How to install and configure Nmap on Linux

    Get tips on how to install and configure Nmap on Linux in an enterprise network environment. 

  • Security Bytes: Snort systems vulnerable to attack

    Updated with a link to a third-party patch. Also: IBM rectifies a critical Kerberos flaw and Symantec's effort to battle against OneCare may have to wait. 

  • Okopipi leaps in where Blue Security left off

    The new user group is building an open source P2P application that sends spammers automated "unsubscribe" messages. Some call it feasible, but others believe counterattack strategies are doomed to fail. 

  • How to install and configure Nmap for Windows

    In this second installment of our Nmap Technical Manual, SearchSecurity expert Michael Cobb offers pointers on how to install and configure Nmap for Windows. 

  • Nmap: A valuable open source tool for network security

    Open source tool Nmap is a popular choice amongst hackers and security pros alike for network mapping, port-scanning and testing for network vulnerabilities. 

  • SnortSnarf

    SnortSnarf is a program that was designed for use with Snort, a security program used mainly with Linux networks. SnortSnarf converts the data from Snort into Web pages. It was written in Perl by Jim Hoagland of Silicon Defense. Snort is an open sour...