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  • Sourcefire IPO could fuel Snort, users say

    Snort users frowned when Check Point tried to acquire Sourcefire last year. But they are more optimistic about Sourcefire's plans to go public. 

  • Sourcefire looking to go public

    The company behind the popular Snort open source IDS tool is making a bid to go public, months after its deal to be acquired by Check Point collapsed. 

  • Metasploit completes license change, updates framework

    The open source pen-testing platform is used nearly universally by security assessment firms -- even those that buy "competitive" products from Core, Immunity and others, but big licensing and platform changes are in the works. 

  • Brief: Moore releases flaw-finding tool

    On the eve of Black Hat, Metasploit Project founder H.D. Moore has released a new tool for finding vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer ActiveX controls, and an updated version of the Metasploit Framework. 

  • Brief: Sourcefire addresses Snort flaw

    Sourcefire has issued an updated version of Snort to address a flaw that could allow malicious packets to damage Snort-protected computers. 

  • Security Bytes: Major spammer offers an allocution

    Meanwhile, McAfee acquires Preventsys; a new Snort fix is released; Microsoft launches Web-based security services; and a group forms to tackle health industry flaws. 

  • Security Bytes: Snort systems vulnerable to attack

    Updated with a link to a third-party patch. Also: IBM rectifies a critical Kerberos flaw and Symantec's effort to battle against OneCare may have to wait. 

  • Okopipi leaps in where Blue Security left off

    The new user group is building an open source P2P application that sends spammers automated "unsubscribe" messages. Some call it feasible, but others believe counterattack strategies are doomed to fail. 

  • Nmap 4.01 improves upon past releases

    Product review: Nmap 4.01's core port-scanning engine is mature, robust and capable of scanning both IPv4 and IPv6 hosts, independent of whether or not they are protected by firewalls. 

  • With intrusion defense vendors, one size doesn't fit all

    In the final installment of our special series, Intruder Alert, a majority of IT shops say they rely on Cisco and Symantec for intrusion defense, but others say they're just as happy using free open source tools.