Free tool reduces risk posed by lost, stolen devices

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  • Screencast: Snort -- Tactics for basic network analysis

    In this exclusive screencast step-by-step demo, Tom Bowers explains how the Snort open source IDS tool works and illustrates how it can help security pros assess network security. 

  • Spiceworks: Free network monitoring and management with a little zest

    Contributor Scott Sidel discusses Spiceworks, an open-source security tool that is designed to assist administrators in the task of maintaining and monitoring enterprise security networks. 

  • VirusTotal: On-demand antivirus service scans malicious files

    When several AV scanners are installed on the same system, they are notorious for stepping all over each other. Fortunately, the resources of more than 30 antivirus scanner engines are just a Web-click away. Contributor Scott Sidel explains. 

  • Shining a spotlight on rootkits

    In this tip, contributor Scott Sidel discusses rootkit attacks, and unveils several free software tools that can help to assist security professionals in the rootkit detection process. 

  • Closing the case on network firewall security with IPCop

    With new threats constantly evolving, the basic network firewall is in dire need of a serious makeover. But finding a firewall that includes a plethora of security features without breaking the budget isn't always easy. In this tip, contributor Scott... 

  • Eliminating the threat of spam email attacks

    Spam emails cluttering your inbox aren't just a minor inconvenience; these annoying messages can infect your systems with harmful code, viruses and Trojans. Contributor Scott Sidel examines SpamAssassin, an open source software tool designed to keep ... 

  • ClamAV clamps down on e-mail security

    In this monthly Downloads column, contributing editor Scott Sidel examines Clam AntiVirus, an open source antivirus toolkit for Unix, specializing in email scanning on mail gateways. 

  • Digital forensics tool Helix 'does no harm'

    Forensics isn't just for the scientists. This month, contributor Scott Sidel recommends Helix, a digital forensics tool that can do some important detective work on your system. 

  • BackTrack is one forward-thinking penetration testing tool

    In this expert commentary, security expert Scott Sidel discusses the mechanics behind BackTrack 2.0, an extensive collaboration of security and forensics tools designed to assist security professionals. 

  • Wireshark: Taking a bite out of packet analysis

    If you need to sniff out problem packets, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on network data analysis. Scott sidel recommends a free tool that's right under your nose: Wireshark.