Snort and OpenAppID: The answer to application control?

Open Source Security Tools and Applications

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  • Digital forensics tool Helix 'does no harm'

    Forensics isn't just for the scientists. This month, contributor Scott Sidel recommends Helix, a digital forensics tool that can do some important detective work on your system. 

  • BackTrack is one forward-thinking penetration testing tool

    In this expert commentary, security expert Scott Sidel discusses the mechanics behind BackTrack 2.0, an extensive collaboration of security and forensics tools designed to assist security professionals. 

  • Wireshark: Taking a bite out of packet analysis

    If you need to sniff out problem packets, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on network data analysis. Scott sidel recommends a free tool that's right under your nose: Wireshark. 

  • Comodo Firewall: An intelligent way to protect against application attacks

    Looking for a solid firewall replacement? Contributing editor, Scott Sidel, recommends Comodo Firewall, an open source tool that can prevent application attacks. 

  • Google Code Search -- Finding security flaws has never been easier

    While Google Code Search may offer a number of benefits that will help improve application security, hackers have learned how to use the search giant's code-finding engine to exploit security weaknesses. In this tip, Ed Skoudis examines how malicious... 

  • Nessus can spot some monster security problems

    If given the choice of only one vulnerability scanner, Contributing Editor Scott Sidel would use Nessus. Find out why in this Guest Commentary Tip. 

  • KeePass -- Keeping passwords under lock and key

    Can't remember all of your passwords? Contributing Editor, Scott Sidel, recommends KeePass, an easy-to-use open source password manager. 

  • Information security freeware has its benefits

    Before committing a significant portion of your 2007 budget to expensive new security tools, it might be wise to consider freeware tools instead. Ed Skoudis reveals how using information security freeware tools can not only help an organization cope ... 

  • Nmap and the open source debate

    Upper management may be hesitant to approve the use of an open source tool, but Nmap has many benefits. This tip offers selling points to present to upper management when proposing the use of Nmap. 

  • Nmap parsers and interfaces

    SearchSecurity expert contributor Michael Cobb continues his series on Nmap with a detailed look at Nmap parsers and interfaces.