Does storing tokens instead of card data reduce the PCI burden?

PCI Data Security Standard

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  • The cost of an audit: Choosing a competent PCI DSS QSA

    Choosing the least expensive PCI DSS QSA for your PCI audit might seem like common sense, but not all auditors know what they're doing. In this expert response, Ernie Hayden describes what to look for in a competent QSA. 

  • PCI security compliance experts share ways to get compliance 'done right'

    Don't whine about having to achieve PCI compliance and don't think of PCI as an end-goal, said two experts at SOURCE Boston 2010. 

  • How to change from WEP to WPA for PCI DSS compliance

    The deadline to change from WEP to WPA wireless encryption standard for PCI DSS compliance is quickly approaching. Learn how to change from WEP to WPA and how to ensure that WEP is completely eradicated from your network. 

  • Credit card data storage: Virtual terminal protocol for PCI compliance

    Are merchants who use virtual terminals and payment gateways and do not store credit card data subject to PCI DSS requirements? Learn more in this expert response from Ernie Hayden. 

  • PCI Council readying end-to-end encryption guidance

    The PCI Security Standards Council is studying a number of emerging technologies and plans to issue a guidance document on end-to-end encryption when it releases the next version of the PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), due out in October. Bob R... 

  • Re-evaluating QSA training

    Recently, the PCI QSA training process has come under scrutiny over the quality of individual PCI assessors. In part two of this interview, Bob Russo, General Manager of the PCI Security Standards Council, sheds light on changes to the training proce... 

  • The future of PCI DSS

    Bob Russo, General Manager of the PCI Security Standards Council, discusses upcoming changes to the PCI DSS, including what new changes might be mandated, and when they might go into effect. 

  • Understanding tokenization amid PCI encryption requirements

    This mini learning guide offers a brief introduction to tokenization technology, as well as PCI DSS encryption requirements. Learn more about the future of tokenization and how the technology may help to ease PCI DSS compliance burdens. 

  • PCI tokenization push promising but premature, experts say

    Merchants see value in the technology helping to reduce the scope of a PCI assessment, but a lack of standards and complexity issues are a cause for concern. 

  • PCI compliance requirements affect IT risk assessments

    In their book PCI Compliance: Understand and Implement Effective PCI Data Security Standard Compliance, authors Dr. Anton Chuvakin and Branden Williams discuss how to best approach PCI compliance requirements in your organization.