Encryption vs. hashing: Learning from Adobe's password breach

Password Management and Policy

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  • Jelly Belly sweetens remote access

    Candy-maker Jelly Belly's network was so secure even top executives couldn't get in through the VPN. The company solved the sticky situation with innovative new appliances. 

  • Scientists band together for TRUST-worthy research

    A group of the nation's top computer scientists and colleges are teaming up to find better ways to protect computing systems from cyberattacks. 

  • How SSOs differ from login and passwords

    Learn how SSO systems and login and passwords differ, and which systems are more likely to be exploited and why in this Ask the Expert Q&A. 

  • Dealing with passwords that can't authenticate to the server

    Learn how to deal with passwords that can't authenticate to the server, and where to find resources that will help you troubleshoot this problem. 

  • Yahoo fixes SSL flaw in Business E-mail

    The company made adjustments to the program after a security expert discovered user IDs and passwords were being transmitted in plaintext.
    Editor's note: This article now includes Yahoo's e-mail address through which security issues can be re... 

  • Password authentication resources

    Learn where you can find literature regarding the need for stronger password authentication, in this Ask the Expert Q&A. 

  • Gates calls for the end of passwords

    Microsoft's chairman outlined a future where code is written more securely and passwords are no more. Can his company get us there? 

  • FTC promotes ID theft awareness

    The government's new quiz aims to highlight the growing problem, but the latest data suggests many consumers still fail to protect their identity. 

  • Passwords still the weakest link

    But more software is beginning to keep insiders from using shared or administrative passwords to access restricted data files, helping to ensure SOX compliance. 

  • Review: With ID-Synch v4.0, you can easily manage many users

    HOT PICK: Security is enhanced through ID-Synch's ability to enforce strong password policy across platforms. But that's not the only benefit.