Encryption vs. hashing: Learning from Adobe's password breach

Password Management and Policy

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    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, Shon Harris discusses tools and tactics you can use to convince exectuives that there is a need for stronger passwords within an organization. 

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    Learn what a keyring is -- how it works in conjuction with passphrases to keep sensitive and personal messages secure. Also learn what practices help keep passwords protected from hackers and crackers. 

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    Learn how password crackers work, six ways you can create stronger passwords and two ways you can avoid the risks of password cracking. 

  • Be afraid of the catastrophic data breach

    Though stories on the latest data breaches seem to pass through the headlines in the blink of an eye, experts warn that the loss or exposure of customer data can have long-lasting consequences. In fact, just one such incident can bring an enterprise ... 

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    Learn how an attacker cracks a symmetric key-based system. 

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    More PCs are being shipped with multi-authentication capabilities. But does it matter so long as Windows lets you store all your passwords on your hard drive?