Secure Remote Access

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  • Hackers have knack for beating NAC systems

    Black Hat: Network access control systems are widely used by enterprises to remediate client access to internal networks, but experts say many NAC systems can be easily bypassed. 

  • Firewall-free security doable, but not ideal

    IT pros say organizations have put too much faith in firewalls at the expense of other needed security programs, but they're still a key part of a layered defense. 

  • Jelly Belly sweetens remote access

    Candy-maker Jelly Belly's network was so secure even top executives couldn't get in through the VPN. The company solved the sticky situation with innovative new appliances. 

  • Review: Citrix now secures remote access for the SMB

    Its Access Essentials were developed specifically for the smaller companies that hadn't been able to afford the server setup. 

  • Cisco, Intel expand alliance with new wireless offerings

    The companies say their latest collaboration will make wireless networks more secure by giving enterprises greater control over user privileges. 

  • Enterprises have a role in fighting ID theft

    Experts say enterprises must avoid being used as pawns in identity theft schemes. A new survey shows customers support companies that take strong steps to protect them. 

  • Beaming up

    Quantum encryption is more than just science fiction. What practical applications does it hold for your enterprise? 

  • IBM and Cisco battle remote attack vulnerabilities

    Both IBM and Cisco are warning of vulnerabilities that remote attackers could exploit to cause denial of service and other problems. 

  • Industry Notebook: SSH library FIPS certified

    SSH Communications' SSH Cryptographic Library has achieved FIPS certification, leading off this week's Industry Notebook. Also included are items from FaceTime, Network Associates and FSPro. 

  • Check Point drills down with firewalls/VPNs

    Check Point drills down with firewalls/VPNs