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Securing Productivity Applications

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  • Insider edition: Web application security

    Developers building Web applications don’t give enough consideration to security. Often in a rush to get apps live, they’re pushed into production with glaring vulnerabilities that attacks can easily exploit, often in an automated manner. This Inside... 

  • Application hardening: Evolving techniques for proactive enterprise application security

    Enterprises are now running more and more applications to meet the demands of employees and users. This makes developing a threat and vulnerability management program to secure applications increasingly important. This TechGuide covers proactive tech... 

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    TechTarget's Security Media Group presents a comprehensive guide to secure collaboration software. Our experts help you address the security concerns of collaboration and social networking technologies and offer best practices for locking down voice ... 

  • Application security guide: Scanning production applications

    This e-book explores how many of the risks associated with scanning can be avoided with careful planning and by focusing your scans on exploring where and how a system is vulnerable to attack and not trying to simulate an actual attack. Continue read... 

  • Tackling Web application security through secure software development

    The threat landscape and increase of Web app attacks has forced security teams to tackle Web app security through secure software development. 

  • Quiz: Choosing a Web security gateway

    Check you're up to speed and ready to choose and deploy a Web security gateway. This five-question quiz will test you on the key points we've covered in the webcast, podcast and article in this Security School. 

  • Security policy for PDF use: How to secure PDF files for the enterprise

    PDF files are an integral part of many enterprises' business processes, and, as such, they are a prime target for malicious activity. In this learning guide, learn how to secure your organization's PDFs, prevent attacks against them and decide when t... 

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    How much do you know about database application security? Take this short quiz to determine what you've learned. 

  • Quiz: How to build secure applications

    Use this five-question quiz to test your knowledge of how to secure your enterprise apps. 

  • The Art of Software Security Testing

    Read an excerpt from the book, The Art of Software Security Testing: Identifying Software Security Flaws. In Chapter 11, "Local Fault Injection," the authors explain the proper methods for examining file formats. 

  • How to build secure applications

    In this lesson, learn how to build security into the software development lifecycle, implement a practical, efficient change management system and test your applications using a black-box or white box technique. 

  • Quiz: Could you detect an application attack?

    Take this five-question quiz to test your application security awareness, review common application attacks and learn how to improve application layer logging to detect and protect against these attacks. 

  • sheepdip (sheep dipping or a footbath)

    In computers, a sheepdip (or, variously, sheep dipping or a footbath) is the checking of media, usually diskettes or CD-ROMs, for viruses before they are used in a computer or network. 

About Securing Productivity Applications

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