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  • Ask.com toolbar contains 'Highly critical' flaw

    Attackers could exploit a serious security flaw in Ask.com's popular Internet Explorer toolbar to execute malicious code on targeted computers, researchers warn. 

  • How to avoid dangling pointers: Tiny programming errors leave serious security vulnerabilities

    For years, many have said that there is no practical way to exploit a dangling pointer, a common application programming error. But these software bugs should no longer be thought of as simple quality-assurance problems. Michael Cobb explains how th... 

  • Government warns of dangerous QuickBooks Online flaw

    Attackers could exploit two flaws in the popular Intuit QuickBooks Online Edition to cause buffer overflows and download or upload files in arbitrary locations, US-CERT warned. 

  • Security update fixes Yahoo Widgets flaw

    Attackers could exploit a Yahoo Widgets flaw to run malicious code on compromised Windows computers, but a security update is available. 

  • Can dynamic and static verification secure a platform?

    The best software testing approach is to use a combination of static and dynamic verification tools that continually check for technical and logical vulnerabilities during the development cycle. Expert Michael Cobb examines each testing procedure in ... 

  • Microsoft July updates for critical Excel, Windows and .NET flaws

    Of the six security updates Microsoft released Tuesday, experts expressed the most concern about a critical glitch in the .NET Framework that could leave client machines and Web servers open to attack. 

  • ActiveX flaws plague SAP GUI

    SAP recently plugged holes in its new SAP GUI to eliminate flaws that could allow an attacker to gain access to a system remotely. 

  • sheepdip (sheep dipping or a footbath)

    In computers, a sheepdip (or, variously, sheep dipping or a footbath) is the checking of media, usually diskettes or CD-ROMs, for viruses before they are used in a computer or network. 

  • The Art of Software Security Testing

    Read an excerpt from the book, The Art of Software Security Testing: Identifying Software Security Flaws. In Chapter 11, "Local Fault Injection," the authors explain the proper methods for examining file formats. 

  • Apple tackles a new QuickTime flaw

    For the second time in a month, Apple has been forced to fix a QuickTime flaw attackers could exploit to access sensitive system data and run malicious code.