Social engineering: Is security focused on the wrong problem?

Security Awareness Training and Internal Threats-Information

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  • Insider Threat Management Guide

    In this Insider Threat Management Guide, contributor Gideon Rasmussen reviews how to fortify your organization's current insider threat controls and keep internal dangers to a minimum. 

  • Online crime as ugly as ever

    At this year's Conference on Email and Antispam, one expert said that despite the increasing complexity of online scams and attacks, digital criminals are less about the technology and more about the crime. 

  • Creating a security awareness program

    In this Information Security Threats Ask the Expert Q&A, Ed Skoudis explains how creating a security awareness program can help thwart the insider threat. 

  • Total Information Awareness (TIA)

    Total Information Awareness (TIA) is the name of a massive U.S. data mining project focused on scanning travel, financial and other data from public and private sources with the goal of detecting and preventing transnational threats to national secu... 

  • Social engineering's new tricks present bigger dangers

    While social engineering has already helped many worms and viruses propagate, researchers believe attackers may soon escalate their assaults by exploiting end-users incompetence, naivety and greed. 

  • Personal data on 26.5 million veterans stolen

    The stolen information included names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth for the military veterans and some spouses. 

  • Research shows smarter phishing

    Recent threat reports all suggest a steady increase in the aggressiveness and sophistication of phishing attacks, and bank customers are still a top target. 

  • Information Gathering: Port Scanning

    This excerpt from Chapter 4 of "Network Security: A Practical Approach," by Jan Harrington examines how port scanning, while useful for troubleshooting network vulnerabilities, can arm crackers with a wealth of information. 

  • Scam artists flocking to MySpace

    The Internet's most popular social networking site is all the rage in phishing circles, as crooks are using MySpace profiles to figure out users' enterprise passwords. 

  • Securing the internal Windows network

    Hardening your Windows network from the outside is a good idea but don't forget to watch out for internal threats. This to-do list shows how to secure your Windows network from within.