Social engineering: Is security focused on the wrong problem?

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  • Scientists band together for TRUST-worthy research

    A group of the nation's top computer scientists and colleges are teaming up to find better ways to protect computing systems from cyberattacks. 

  • Outsourcing: Understanding the business risks

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A Shon Harris, our security management expert reviews business risks associated with outsourcing security jobs to developing countries and learn how security managers can reduce these risks. 

  • IT pros: We can't stop every threat

    Mergers, staff shortages and fast tech deployments mean some security incidents probably went undetected last year, a recent survey found, and many fear it will happen again. 

  • Companies still not reporting attacks, FBI director says

    At a BSA Town Hall Meeting, Robert Mueller urged companies to cooperate with law enforcement if its ever to gain ground on cybercriminals. 

  • Checklist: What to do when you've been hacked

    Network hacking attacks are more common than most of us would like to admit. In this tip,'s network security Michael Gregg guru outlines six questions you should ask of your organization if you've been hacked, and provides strategi... 

  • Owning the C-suite

    If you've found yourself on the losing end of a few too many battles, and security is suffering because of a lack of support from top executives, a bit of positive social engineering may be just the thing. 

  • Report: Security pros must learn exec lingo

    Want the top brass to support your security initiatives? Learn to speak their language, suggests the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). 

  • Review: A little Babble may mean a lot more privacy

    While enterprise security tools were scarce at CES, one stood out by making very little noise but keeping cubicle conversations under wraps. 

  • A Business Guide to Information Security: Threats and Compliance

    In this excerpt from Chapter 1 of A Business Guide to Information Security, author Alan Calder identifies six future risks to information security and explains how they will affect individuals and organizations. 

  • Five common insider threats and how to mitigate them

    Users can be an enterprise's best defense or its worst enemy. They have access to valuable network resources and information that can be used for ill-gain, be it accidentally or intentionally. This tip explains five common insider threats and offers ...