Social engineering: Is security focused on the wrong problem?

Security Awareness Training and Internal Threats-Information

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  • Top forensics tools for tracking down cybercriminals

    Scott Levine stole more than one billion personal records and was convicted of 120 counts of unauthorized access of a protected computer. Check out the most popular forensics tools for tracking down cybercriminals. 

  • Verifying legitimate help desk requests

    Learn how to to defeat social engineers and measures help desk staff should take to protect the network after password resets. 

  • Wireless security: Public Wi-Fi could open security holes

    A Michigan county is working to give everyone within its borders wireless Internet access. But when it comes to security, users are on their own. 

  • Delivering daily security tips to users

    Educating users on security is a big part of overall security. This little-known Quote of the Day protocol can help dispense advice using a login script without overwhelming the user. Networking expert Tom Lancaster provides instructions for enabling... 

  • Group seeks to bolster VoIP security

    An industry coalition has published a lengthy list of guidelines to help identify and deal with threats against Internet voice communications systems. 

  • Creating a corporate security culture

    Learn how to successfully consolidate, integrate and centralize your security practices, as well as set in motion a security governance process that defines your company's security vision and strategy. 

  • How avian flu could threaten IT security

    Experts say a potential bird flu pandemic could have a disastrous effect on IT infrastructures. But if companies plan well, those infrastructures could also help minimize chaos. 

  • Managing Human Resources: Termination Procedures

    In this excerpt from Chapter 6 of The Little Black Book of Computer Security, author Joel Dubin provides an outline of security measures to take when terminating an employee. 

  • shoulder surfing

    Shoulder surfing is using direct observation techniques, such as looking over someone's shoulder, to get information. 

  • dumpster diving

    Dumpster diving is looking for treasure in someone else's trash.