Social engineering: Is security focused on the wrong problem?

Security Awareness Training and Internal Threats-Information

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  • Bruce Schneier: What is cyberwar?

    In this RSA Conference 2011 interview, Michael Mimoso, Editorial Director of the Security Media Group at TechTarget interviews Bruce Schneier, Chief Security Technology Officer of BT Group and tried to answer the question, "What is cyberwar?" 

  • Security awareness strategy: Weighing optimism vs. pragmatism

    Fostering security awareness is a controversial topic and a difficult challenge, but as Senior Site Editor Eric B. Parizo writes, the methods may not be as important as the passion to succeed. 

  • insider threat

    An insider threat is a malicious hacker (also called a cracker or a black hat) who is an employee or officer of a business, institution, or agency. The term can also apply to an outside person who poses as an employee or officer by obtaining false cr... 

  • Opinion: Security information sharing is a shared responsibility

    Senior Site Editor Eric B. Parizo says infosec pros need to participate in the public dialog for the good of the industry and offers harsh words for companies who silence their own security talent. 

  • Quiz: Practical strategies to mitigate insider threats

    How much have you learned about detecting and mitigating insider threats? Find out in this short quiz. 

  • Monitoring strategies for insider threat detection

    Insider threat detection is a vital part of the security of any enterprise organization. In this tip, part of the Insider Threats Security School lesson, learn about the best insider threat detection strategies. 

  • Fake antivirus pop-up scams: Forming a security awareness training plan

    Rogue antimalware programs have been around for a while, and, according to a recent Google report, are more prominent and more difficult to detect than ever before. In this expert tip, Michael Cobb explains how to train employees to deal with these f... 

  • Face-off: Information security awareness and when not to reveal information

    Can the security industry learn from the Transportation Security Administration? It may seem like an odd pairing, but both struggle with the challenges of protecting those in their care while maintaining usability and personal privacy. 

  • Opinion: Welcome, Apple users, to your new miserable experience

    Opinion: Apple security is perceived to be very good, but as the popularity of Apple technologies increases, so too are the dangers for Apple users and the companies charged with securing Apple products. 

  • 419 baiters: Not all scam emails from Nigeria

    Almost everyone has received an email promising riches from African royalty, but not all 419 scam emails come from Africa. Learn how to prevent employees from getting suckered in by these scams.