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Security Event Management

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  • Strategies to make your SIEM system sing

    Using and maintaining a security information and event management (SIEM) system can be a challenge for InfoSec professionals, but the effort is worthwhile if the system enables faster, better security data analysis and response. This TechGuide examin... 

  • Exploring the benefits of enhanced SIEM products

    Access this issue now and examine how SIEM is leading the charge in building a coordinated view of security-related information and event integration (including integrating fraud detection data and network access control technologies to name a few) a... 

  • Winning strategies for integrating security information management and identity access management

    This month’s cover story, “Linking ‘Who’ and ‘What’”, explains the new trend of joining SIM and IAM strategies to tie system vulnerabilities and policy violations to the user activity that causes them. Other articles in this month’s issue cover topic... 

  • Log management best practices for enterprises

    Are you bound to regulations? Then you’re no stranger to log management, and the importance of analyzing the reams of data your devices produce. Log management is covering several important aspects of network security. The four major chapters of thi... 

  • Effective strategies for risk management and security information management systems

    This month's issue of Information Security Magazine covers a breadth of topics. The cover story this month is about SIM and how it can boost compliance, visibility, and overall business intelligence. Other featured articles cover risk management, con... 

  • The power of SIMs for visibility and compliance

    Security information management systems (SIMs) can offer visibility, control and compliance. Learn how they can help you. In addition, get tips on excelling at encryption and building your own Web app firewall. 

  • security event (security incident)

    A security event is a change in the everyday operations of a network or IT service, indicating that an security policy may have been violated or a security safeguard may have failed. 

  • security information management (SIM)

    Security information management (SIM) is the practice of collecting, monitoring and analyzing security-related data from computer logs. A security information management system (SIMS) automates that practice. Security information management is someti... 

About Security Event Management

Scanning and interpreting the plethora of alerts and logs produced each day by various stand-alone network devices isn't humanly possible. Learn how to use security even management and centralized consoles scan to analyze vast amounts of data, and provide real-time threat and incident response.