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Security Event Management

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  • Network traffic collection, analysis helps prevent data breaches

    Government agencies were among the first to retain mountains of network traffic data, but large banks, financial firms and healthcare companies are following in an effort to respond to alerts generated by intrusion defense systems and speed digital f... 

  • security information management (SIM)

    Security information management (SIM) is the practice of collecting, monitoring and analyzing security-related data from computer logs. A security information management system (SIMS) automates that practice. Security information management is someti... 

  • Understanding PCI DSS compliance requirements for log management

    Proper PCI DSS compliance requires effective event log management, but many enterprises fail to not only gather all the relevant data, but also analyze and remediate the results. Forrester Research Senior Analyst John Kindervag offers best practices ... 

  • Data breach notification legislation: What info must be released?

    In the wake of a credit card data breach, what customer data breach information must be released per data breach notification legislation? David Mortman addresses the question in this expert response. 

  • How to prevent a denial-of-service (DoS) attack

    While it may not be possible to fully eradicate the risk of DoS attacks from an enterprise, there are steps that infosec pros can take to prevent them. In this expert response, Mike Chapple gives pointers on how to prevent DoS attacks. 

  • The top 5 network security practices

    Looking to brush up your network security practices? Check out these top five recommendations from expert Mike Chapple. 

  • Log management best practices for enterprises

    Are you bound to regulations? Then you’re no stranger to log management, and the importance of analyzing the reams of data your devices produce. Log management is covering several important aspects of network security. The four major chapters of thi... 

  • Effective strategies for risk management and security information management systems

    This month's issue of Information Security Magazine covers a breadth of topics. The cover story this month is about SIM and how it can boost compliance, visibility, and overall business intelligence. Other featured articles cover risk management, con... 

  • SIMs tools and tactics for business intelligence

    Security information management systems (SIMs) automate the process of looking through logs to help produce effective reports, issue alerts and do forensics. In the era of regulation, organizations also need added visibility into their networks and a... 

  • SIEM: Not for small business, nor the faint of heart

    Technologists say security information and event management success depends not on the product, but on the risk and information management program implemented with it. Also, small businesses lack the resources to get much value from SIEM systems.