Analysis: Facing identity crisis, Symantec needs strategic focus

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  • Verizon to acquire Cybertrust

    Analysts say Verizon's acquisition of Cybertrust could boost the telecom company's credibility among enterprise customers who are increasingly bothered by security challenges. 

  • Microsoft users sticking with third-party security vendors

    IT pros are pleased with Microsoft's security advances, including those found in Forefront. But don't expect them to drop their third-party security vendors. 

  • Launches Security Bytes blog

    We are proud to announce the official launch of Security Bytes, the new editorial blog written by the editors of and Information Security magazine. 

  • McAfee names new CEO

    Dave DeWalt has been named the new president and CEO of McAfee Inc., which has been licking its wounds in the wake of a stock option scandal and other problems. 

  • Black Hat DC: Feds seek new digital forensic tools

    The Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3) is overwhelmed by the amount of data it must study, and director Jim Christy hopes the private sector can help with better forensic tools. 

  • Early DST start causes security heartburn

    IT professionals say the earlier start to daylight-saving time (DST) could have unintended security consequences, such as timing glitches in their forensic and auditing tools. 

  • Solaris flaw a reminder of why Telnet is toast

    This week in Security Blog Log: Industry experts say a flaw in Sun Microsystems' Solaris 10 operating system should serve as a stark reminder that Telnet is not safe. 

  • Coviello: In 3 years, no more stand-alone security

    RSA President Art Coviello says today's patchwork of monolithic security devices will disappear in the next three years as security is integrated into the larger IT infrastructure. 

  • NAC gains traction

    Until recently, the network access control market had been all style and little substance, but at last vendors large and small are proving that NAC may be worth the investment. 

  • Symantec exploitation video hits YouTube

    Symantec posted a clip on the popular video-sharing site showing researchers using a newly discovered flaw in Microsoft Word to drop an executable on a vulnerable machine.