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  • Websense acquiring PortAuthority Technologies

    Meanwhile: Sony BMG settles lawsuit over rootkit technology; Apple fixes a Mac OS X glitch; and Microsoft releases the first draft of PatchGuard APIs. 

  • Symantec fixes NetBackup Puredisk flaw

    An unauthorized user could launch malicious code by exploiting a flaw in Symantec's Veritas NetBackup PureDisk product. But a fix is available. 

  • Federal data security hampered by budget limits

    Cisco Systems surveyed 200 federal IT pros and found they are more confident about their security, but budget constraints and possible breaches are still a source of worry. 

  • Study: Employees still balk at security

    After years of constant bombardment with news stories about viruses, worms, phishing, identity theft and other modern nightmares, you'd think that most enterprise users would have a good handle on what constitutes risky online behavior. But a new sur... 

  • Agency improves security grades under CISO's watch

    CISO Philip Heneghan has made security a way of life for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). His work earned him a Security 7 award. 

  • Tor network privacy could be cracked

    The Tor network is used by those who want to keep their IP addresses private. But new research shows that it's possible to compromise the system and unmask the user. 

  • Symantec to reactivate IT support discussion boards

    A year after shutting down its discussion forums for IT professionals, Symantec is set to reactivate them as part of a revamped technical support portal community coming in 2007. 

  • In IT security, vendor size does not compute

    With consolidation gripping the security industry, companies are seeking out the most stable security vendors, but analysts and experts say the biggest firms aren't necessarily the most prudent investment. 

  • Airline security pro specializes in meeting mandates

    Andre Gold, director of information security at Continental Airlines has been meeting seemingly impossible mandates for the airline. His work earned him a Security 7 award. 

  • Boston Celtics face off against spyware

    One of the Boston Celtics' toughest opponents was spyware until the IT shop fought back. The team's IT chief explains how he gained the upper hand.