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Security patch management and Windows Patch Tuesday news

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  • Inside MSRC: Wisdom on Exchange security

    Microsoft's trio of May security bulletins includes a critical update for Exchange. The Microsoft Security Response Center's Christopher Budd explains why that particular bulletin may be more complex than it appears. 

  • Exchange, Windows focus of latest Microsoft fixes

    The software giant releases its May security bulletins and two of the three are rated critical. Issues with Exchange and Flash Player are addressed, but none fixes the latest IE flaws. 

  • Oracle refuses to learn its lesson, experts say

    Oracle critics say the database giant sits on known flaws for too long, leaving its applications open to attack. Is it time for infosec pros to extract Oracle products? 

  • Critical security patches coming for Windows, Exchange

    Microsoft's advance Patch Tuesday bulletin forecasts three security updates, but doesn't mention fixes for the latest Internet Explorer flaws. 

  • Microsoft customers want more out-of-cycle patches

    Customers say Microsoft was right to issue an out-of-cycle fix for its flawed Windows Explorer patch. In fact, they wish the vendor would do it more often. 

  • Microsoft's patch manager gets a refresh

    The next version of Microsoft's free Windows patching tool will make its debut at the Microsoft Management Summit. Will it be able to better compete with commercial rivals? 

  • Windows patch problems to force out-of-cycle repair

    Microsoft on April 25 will re-release a critical update that fixes a Windows Explorer code-execution vulnerability. The patch has caused problems with certain third-party software. 

  • Oracle fixes 36 more vulnerabilities

    Reducing its load from the previous quarter, Oracle has released 36 patches for vulnerabilities in its various products. 

  • Microsoft confirms Windows patch glitch

    The software giant corroborates glitches with one of last week's Windows patches, but explains how affected users can implement workarounds. 

  • Five Microsoft patches coming, but why wait?

    The createTextRange flaw in IE will be among those fixed, but with exploits in the wild, some debate whether once-a-month patching is right for the times.