Patch management on a budget? Try virtual patching

Security patch management and Windows Patch Tuesday news

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  • Worst practices: Encryption conniptions

    Through the years,'s expert contributors have no doubt spent much of their time pointing out a variety of security best practices. But what about the worst practices? In honor of April Fools' Day, network security expert Mi... 

  • ANI cursor flaw offers lessons in Vista security

    Microsoft's recent animated cursor (ANI) vulnerability, as well as the software giant's response to it, caused some in the security industry to question the software giant's strategy. But there are two sides to every story. In this tip, Michael Cobb ... 

  • NetChk Protect 5.5

    Information Security magazine's contributing editor, Wayne Rash , reviews Shavlik Technologies NetChk Protect 5.5 

  • Patch testing on a budget

    While it is best to test patches prior to production, testing environments can be costly. This tip explains how to reduce these costs. 

  • SUS, WSUS, SMS and beyond

    This tip outlines the differences between SUS, WSUS and SMS, and offers advice on when to invest in a third-party patching tool. 

  • Step-by-Step Guide: Best practices for security patch management

    This step-by-step guide offers best practices on how to deploy a security patch and provides the tools you will need to mitigate the risk of a compromised computer. 

  • Security patch validation and verification

    Learn about the verification and review phase of the security patch deployment cycle. Learn how these phases help ensure the organizations security patch management procedure is proactive. 

  • Security patch testing and deployment phase

    Learn what conditions should be met in the security patch testing phase prior to deployment. Also learn how to deploy a security patch and what methods, tools to use to ensure a predicable rollout. 

  • The methodology of software creation/distribution

    Learn what steps companies must follow to ensure the software they create and distribute is secure. 

  • How to patch vulnerabilities and keep them sealed

    Learn how to simplify the patch deployment process and employ methods that will reduce vulnerabilities.