• multifactor authentication (MFA)

    Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one form of authentication to verify the legitimacy of a transaction. MFA combines two or more independent credentials:...

  • SYN flood (half open attack)

    SYN flooding is a method that the user of a hostile client program can use to conduct a denial-of-service (DoS) attack on a computer server.

  • digital certificate

    A digital certificate is an electronic "passport" that allows a person, computer or organization to exchange information securely over the Internet using the public key infrastructure (PKI). A digi...


    COBIT  is a framework for developing, implementing, monitoring and improving information technology (IT) governance and management practices.

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  • 'Adware' first to exploit critical Windows flaws

    Searchmeup targets cursor/icon format handling flaws, according to PandaLabs. Microsoft issued a patch for the glitches in January. 

  • Security pros get tough with users

    A new survey suggests infosecurity officers demand tough sanctions against enterprise users who give up private information through social engineering or surf unsafe Web sites. 

  • SP2 fix not your typical security update

    Microsoft releases a patch for SP2 that may surprise some users, given that it breaks with the Patch Tuesday cycle and was unaccompanied by a security bulletin. 

  • Security and Paris Hilton

    How can you use the example of the foolish heiress to spur security awareness for Bluetooth and mobile devices in your enterprise? 

  • RSA 2005: A chat with Sybari's Joe Licari

    Check out an insider's perspective on Sybari's latest initiatives and what Microsoft's acquisition plans could mean for users who buy in now. 

  • RSA 2005: The case for self-defending networks

    Cisco's John Chambers says self-defending networks will be a must in the next few years. Users agree in theory, but say implementation is easier said than done. 

  • RSA 2005: ASIS, ISACA and ISSA form alliance

    Three major security associations have banded together to fight common threats. For now, just call them "the alliance." 

  • New Mydoom circulating in the U.S.

    Mydoom-BB is beginning to circulate widely, but the reason why is leaving some AV vendors baffled. 

  • Exploit code targets two Microsoft flaws

    Proof-of-concept code shows how to poke through the URL handling and .png file decoding flaws Microsoft issued patches for Tuesday. 

  • RSA 2005: A chat with Harris Miller

    In this Q&A, ITAA President Harris Miller offers a glimpse of what he'll bring to the discussion table at RSA.