Mobile application security threats and mitigations

Smartphone and PDA Viruses and Threats-Setup and Tools

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  • Is the mobile malware threat overblown?

    Despite the popularity of the iPhone and other handheld devices, security experts say threats against them are still low. But that's only because enterprise use is still limited. 

  • iPhone security in the enterprise: Mitigating the risks

    Since its flashy launch in June 2007, the Apple iPhone has certainly garnered a great deal of buzz. Almost immediately, hackers searched for exploitable flaws in the product, and they weren't disappointed. In this tip, Ed Skoudis examines iPhone-spec... 

  • Should Apple iPhones automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks?

    Well-managed enterprises should have functions in place to prevent an unauthorized mobile device, like the iPhone, from connecting to the network. In this expert response, Mike Chapple reveals some simple network security measures that organizations ... 

  • Apple iPhone SDK could increase security threats

    Security experts are encouraged by Apple's iPhone security strategy, but say the device's popularity makes it a prime target for hackers seeking prestige. 

  • Apple patches multiple iPhone flaws

    Apple's firmware update Thursday addressed a series of flaws in the iPhone while delivering a little payback to those with unlocked iPhones. 

  • Are iPhone security risks different than those of other mobile devices?

    The security risks of an iPhone are comparable to other wireless devices, but the iPhone does bring some special issues that are a cause for concern. 

  • iPhone shellcode hits the Web

    Metasploit creator HD Moore has published shellcode for Apple's iPhone, turning the device into a pocket-sized attack platform. 

  • Future mobile attacks inevitable, researchers say

    Smartphones that enable users to shop and browse the Web could make future attacks profitable for cybercriminals, according to a new report. 

  • Bringing the network perimeter back from the 'dead'

    In the past year, a number of security professionals from consulting firms have expressed the importance of endpoint security, going so far as to say the perimeter is dead. Not so fast, offers network security expert Mike Chapple. In this spirited ti... 

  • iPhone not ready for the enterprise

    While the Apple iPhone won't be the first choice of many enterprises, a group of industry analysts say it could have a positive impact on future devices.