Book chapter: Unified Communications Forensics

Social media security risks and real-time communication security

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  • Hey, Mac. Is that a worm in your Apple?

    In this week's Security Blog Log, Bill Brenner looks at the furor over new threats targeting Mac OS X -- long considered a more secure alternative to Windows. 

  • IM threats grow, response lags

    Reports from IMlogic and Akonix show that IM threats are growing while IT shops are behind in their preparedness. In fact, many firms are still totally unaware of just how much danger actually exists. 

  • End of spam, phishing threats not far off

    Viruses, spam and phishing aren't going away overnight. But for 2006, one research firm says a new set of messaging security threats will take center stage. 

  • Security Bytes: Flaws found in BlackBerry Server

    In other news, Social Security numbers of H&R Block customers are reportedly exposed and multiple vulnerabilities are found in the Linux kernel. 

  • Microsoft plans WMF fix next week

    The software giant has plans to release a patch for the extremely critical Windows Meta File glitch on Patch Tuesday, but SANS says some admins should take action sooner. 

  • Security Bytes: New threats target IM chatters, Web browsers

    A new Trojan hopes MSN Messenger users take the bait; a zero-day vulnerability could make life miserable for Web browsers; and Marriott is the latest to confess to lost backup tapes. 

  • Security Bytes: Flaws plague Symantec, McAfee

    Meanwhile: An IM worm exploits the holidays, Cisco offers workarounds for vulnerabilities in IOS and Oracle is using Forify's technology to boost security. 

  • Trio of trouble: Malcode targets Windows, IM users

    AV firms warn IT shops to guard against Dasher, Bagle and Banbra. Dasher targets a Windows flaw patched in October, while Banbra spreads through IM. 

  • New bots, worm threaten AIM network

    Security firms say a fresh wave of bots lures users into downloading malicious content. Plus a new worm variant is on the loose, cloaked as a greeting card. 

  • Security Bytes: FTC cracks down on alleged spyware distributors

    Patches fix serious RealPlayer flaws, IM malcode launches phishing attacks; Microsoft warns of Macromedia Flash flaw; Liberty Alliance pushes stronger authentication; FEMA data security is in question; patches fix Veritas flaws and TransUnion suffers...