Book chapter: Unified Communications Forensics

Social media security risks and real-time communication security

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  • September sees surge in IM threats

    Instant messaging programs are becoming a favorite target among malicious code writers, according to one security vendor. 

  • IM worm makes trouble for Reuters

    The Kelvir worm continues to multiply through MSN Messenger, causing problems for the Reuters news agency. Symantec tracked five new variants in 24 hours. 

  • IM/P2P threats surge ahead

    Malicious attacks against IM and P2P programs have surged since the start of the year, a consortium said in a new report. 

  • MSN Messenger users: Fatso, Kelvir not your buddies

    The worms use MSN Messenger to spread. Don't use it in the enterprise? You could still be at risk. 

  • Microsoft issues critical fixes

    The software giant issues critical patches to plug security holes in Internet Explorer, Media Player, MSN Messenger and Microsoft Office. 

  • IM threat service pledges cooperation

    To combat attacks on enterprise networks delivered by rogue instant messages, software companies such as Microsoft, McAfee, AOL and Yahoo have thrown their support behind an IM threat center that promises to work in concert with other security center... 

  • Challenge: IM versus security

    Instant messaging poses many risks to organizations, but there are remedies. 

  • IM adoption slowed by security, compatibility concerns

    Businesses are slow to adopt instant messaging due to a lack of interoperability and security concerns, according to the Yankee Group. 

  • 'Highly critical' flaw in AOL Instant Messenger

    An attacker could use a vulnerability in AIM to take over compromised machines, Secunia said in an advisory. 

  • Companies find they need better IM control

    Instant messaging has become a vital tool for many businesses. But a lack of security and uniformity pose problems.