Does security have a place at the DevOps table?

Software Development Methodology

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  • Should fuzzing be part of the secure software development process?

    Fuzzing, a common software-testing method, should not be your only vulnerability assessment technique. In this Q&A, Michael Cobb reviews how passing a fuzz test does not always mean that a program is bug-free. 

  • How to build secure applications

    In this lesson, learn how to build security into the software development lifecycle, implement a practical, efficient change management system and test your applications using a black-box or white box technique. 

  • Anatomy of a zero-day: Security researchers face hurdles

    Despite industry organizations bringing some order to the software testing process, security researchers say obstacles continue to slow their progress. 

  • Internet complexity, insecurity could stifle innovation, expert says

    Security threats are driving vendors to produce software and devices that automatically update and run only proprietary software with no effort from the end user. The result could be less flexibility and innovation, one expert says. 

  • Dynamic code obfuscation: New threat requires innovative defenses

    Dynamic code obfuscation used to be a taxing effort, but now even the most junior-level malicious hackers have learned how to effectively hide their code. In this tip, Michael Cobb examines how dynamic code obfuscation works, why it's on the rise and... 

  • debugging

    In computers, debugging is the process of locating and fixing or bypassing bugs (errors) in computer program code or the engineering of a hardware device. 

  • Where's Larry? Ellison calls out sick at RSA Conference

    Despite the Oracle CEO's no-show, the database software giant talked up its framework for secure data sharing; meanwhile, CA's CEO called for simplified security products. 

  • CA backup bug exploitable on Vista

    In what appears to be the first exploit for a third-party app running on Vista, a previously patched buffer overflow vulnerability in CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup has been exploited. One security firm says ISVs aren't taking advantage of Vista's new... 

  • Developing an application security mind-set

    Baking security into applications can be a difficult process, but experts believe developing an application security mind-set can help create more secure software systems. 

  • Attacks targeted to specific applications

    This is the fourth tip in our series, "How to assess and mitigate information security threats," excerpted from Chapter 3: The Life Cycle of Internet Access Protection Systems of the book "The Shortcut Guide to Protecting Business Internet Usage," pu...