Does security have a place at the DevOps table?

Software Development Methodology

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  • Review: Series of tools helps shore up faulty coding

    Secure Software's CodeAssure Suite is for programmers, not security engineers. But developers will benefit from its findings during product development. 

  • Reporter's Notebook: NYC 'controls the software industry'

    At Information Security Decisions: a security "rock star" rages against the Microsoft machine; banging the drum for enterprise security; a sour note on zero-day exploits. 

  • Powerful payloads: The evolution of exploit frameworks

    Attackers have new tools to launch faster, more powerful attacks. Contributor Ed Skoudis offers up some examples, some of which are very clever and very evil. 

  • Exploit code lurks following new Windows patches

    Windows IT managers work to apply critical fixes before exploit code that may have Zotob-like effects can harm vulnerable systems. 

  • trigraph

    A trigraph is a three-character replacement for a special or nonstandard character in a text file. 

  • bypass

    Bypass, in general, means either to go around something by an external route rather than going through it, or the means of accomplishing that feat. 

  • sandbox

    In general, a sandbox is an isolated computing environment used by software developers to test new programming code. 

  • Dos and don'ts: Ensuring apps security from the get-go

    Closing the gap between developers and users is the first step toward making sure applications are secure. 

  • SAP Security Learning Guide

    This guide pulls SAP security information from both and its sister site,, to provide the most comprehensive resource around for all aspects of making your SAP system bulletproof. 

  • The methodology of software creation/distribution

    Learn what steps companies must follow to ensure the software they create and distribute is secure.