Does security have a place at the DevOps table?

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  • Google Code Search gives security experts a sinking feeling

    The new search tool from Google can help developers find useful code examples. But security experts worry that it also will make attackers' jobs that much easier. 

  • Microsoft delivers 10 patches and tool update

    Updated: Microsoft released six critical patches and updated a software tool Tuesday, but a technical problem prevented the company from pushing the fixes out via its automated tools. 

  • If e-thieves want your vote, they can have it

    This week in Security Blog Log, researchers focus on flaws in Diebold's electronic voting machine. Attackers could easily exploit them to tamper with your vote, they claim. 

  • Oracle expert warns of weakness in PL/SQL

    A well-known Oracle bug hunter says the wrapping mechanism used for PL/SQL -- the flagship language used in Oracle databases -- can be unraveled, exposing sensitive data. 

  • Ruby on Rails development tool has 'serious' flaw

    Those who use the emerging Ruby on Rails open source Web application development framework are urged to switch to version 1.1.5 to fix an undisclosed security hole. 

  • Ajax threats worry researchers

    Black Hat: While it makes smooth Web applications like Google Maps possible, the rush to adopt Ajax may fuel haphazard development and a feeding frenzy among hackers. 

  • Russinovich now belongs to Microsoft

    Winternals and its well-known technical leader, Mark Russinovich, are now part of Microsoft. The software giant has acquired Winternals for an undisclosed fee. 

  • Security Bytes: Consultant cracks FBI database

    In other news, a Google Reader flaw is addressed and OpenOffice patches three security holes attackers could use to tamper with files. 

  • Microsoft's new security chief: 'We've come a long way'

    Microsoft's newest top cop plans on getting his hands dirty. Ben Fathi, recently named chief of Microsoft's Security Technology Unit, said he is ready to jump into design and development to push forward the company's security offerings.

    A corpor... 

  • Security Blog Log: Doing good with exploit code

    This week, IT pros take note of the latest Microsoft patches and exploit code. Also, a look at why exploit code isn't always evil.