Does security have a place at the DevOps table?

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  • Security Blog Log: Surprise! IE 7 beta has a flaw

    Security researchers in the blogosphere are buzzing about a flaw in IE 7. Should users wait before taking the browser for a spin? 

  • Security Bytes: AV firms accused of rootkit use

    Also: A flaw is discovered in Microsoft's Visual Studio development suite and some QuickTime users report problems with Apple's most recent security fix. 

  • Security Blog Wire: Symantec flaw parallels Sony BMG

    This week's blog roundup focuses on Symantec and whether it borrowed a page from the Sony BMG playbook by using a hidden program. 

  • Security Bytes: Flaws plague Symantec, McAfee

    Meanwhile: An IM worm exploits the holidays, Cisco offers workarounds for vulnerabilities in IOS and Oracle is using Forify's technology to boost security. 

  • For Microsoft, security and trust prove elusive

    Following the recent beta release of its OneCare Live security offering, Microsoft seems poised to dip its toe into the lucrative enterprise security and software services market. Despite its long history of security snafus and monthly patches, the s... 

  • New algorithm promises to secure P2P content

    Three cryptographers have developed a secure P2P content distribution method without creating bottlenecks, and it could prove to be a significant breakthrough in the encryption arena. 

  • Sony rootkit uninstaller causes bigger threat

    Princeton researchers say a security hole that appears when users try to remove Sony's copy protection software presents an even greater risk than the original rootkit. 

  • Security Bytes: FTC cracks down on alleged spyware distributors

    Patches fix serious RealPlayer flaws, IM malcode launches phishing attacks; Microsoft warns of Macromedia Flash flaw; Liberty Alliance pushes stronger authentication; FEMA data security is in question; patches fix Veritas flaws and TransUnion suffers... 

  • Review: Series of tools helps shore up faulty coding

    Secure Software's CodeAssure Suite is for programmers, not security engineers. But developers will benefit from its findings during product development. 

  • Reporter's Notebook: NYC 'controls the software industry'

    At Information Security Decisions: a security "rock star" rages against the Microsoft machine; banging the drum for enterprise security; a sour note on zero-day exploits.