Analysis: How FIDO Alliance might change authentication

Two-Factor and Multifactor Authentication Strategies

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    When deploying any authentication option -- whether to comply with the FFIEC's two-factor authentication mandate or simply strengthen access controls -- businesses need to weigh several factors to decide which option best suits their needs. In this l... 

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  • Risk-based authentication

    The concept of risk-based authentication is becoming popular for some online business-to-consumer transactions, particularly those conducted with banks and other financial services firms. 

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    Product review: Customer service could return calls more quickly when there's a problem. But overall, RSA SecurID Appliance 2.0 delivers robust, scalable protection. 

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    Having outbid other suitors, EMC must now sell the purchase to its shareholders and make use of RSA's technology. Will the strategy work? The 451 Group isn't sure RSA is much of a gem. 

  • Report: EMC may be near deal to purchase RSA Security

    RSA Security has been looking for a buyer for several months, according to The New York Times, and its board of directors may accept an acquisition offer as soon as this weekend.