Analysis: How FIDO Alliance might change authentication

Two-Factor and Multifactor Authentication Strategies

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  • What should an enterprise look for in a password token and a vendor?

    One-time password (OTP) tokens can aid data security by creating another layer of authentication. In this identity and access management expert response, learn which OTPs are the most secure. 

  • Are smart cards insecure if Mifare Classic RFID encryption is cracked?

    The security of RFID chips and smart cards may not be fully mature, but there are best practices to keep facilities safe. Identity and access management expert Joel Dubin explains. 

  • How do RFID-blocking passport wallets work?

    RFID passports can provide quicker passage through customs, but may put sensitive data at risk. Learn about whether RFID-blocking passport wallets can keep personal credentials from being sniffed. 

  • What are good features to look for in access control software?

    When supporting environments with HID card readers and proxy cards, what qualities should control access software have? Identity and access management expert Joel Dubin weighs in on software and implementation best practices. 

  • Quiz: The new school of enterprise authentication

    Take this five-question quiz to test your knowledge of Mark Diodati's enterprise authentication lesson. 

  • The steps of privileged account management implementation

    Privileged accounts have always been difficult to secure, and they remain the focal point for the insider attack. Luckily, an emerging class of privileged account management products is here to help. Identity management pro Mark Diodati discusses the... 

  • The New School of Enterprise Authentication

    Burton Group's Mark Diodati examines the technologies that cutting-edge organizations use to redefine successful enterprise authentication. 

  • Trends in enterprise identity and access management

    The market for identity and access management (IAM) products is growing rapidly to meet varied business and compliance demands. What trends -- good and bad -- are on the horizon? IAM expert Joel Dubin offers a guide to the products that are moving th... 

  • password hardening

    Password hardening is any one of a variety of measures taken to make it more difficult for an intruder to circumvent the authentication process. Password hardening may take the form of multifactor authentication, by adding some component to the u... 

  • Understanding multifactor authentication features in IAM suites

    Enterprises often make the mistake of assuming that IAM suites come with tightly integrated multifactor authentication features, but in reality making sure they work together well can be a challenge. In this tip, IAM luminary Joel Dubin explains why ...