Security factors to consider before buying Chinese IT

Vendor Management: Negotiations, Budgeting, Mergers and Acquisitions

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  • Symantec 2.0: Evaluating their recent acquisitions

    In this month's issue of Information Security magazine: With more than $15 billion in acquisitions, can Symantec succeed? We answer all of your important questions about the security giant. We review SealedMedia's Enterprise Digital Rights Management... 

  • Celebrating the best information security processes, people, policy and products

    In this special year-end issue, Information Security celebrates "The Best" of the 4 P's of infosecurity. Based on reader contributions, the editors have selected a representative collection of the best People, Policies, Processes and Products. Indivi... 

  • Comeback kid: Sanjay Kumar on Computer Associates' security strategy

    After a tumultuous several years, Sanjay Kumar believes Computer Associates' security strategy will be what leads the company back to the top. Also in this issue: Ed Skoudis examines the proliferation of combo malware and why the worst may be yet to ... 

  • Buying spree: 2003 product survey results

    We examine the results of our 2003 product survey. Readers tell us that massive rollouts are in the works... that is, if enterprise information security budgets hold up. Also in this issue: a look at how four organizations handle the daunting task of... 

  • snake oil

    In cryptographic and other computer products, snake oil is a negative term used to describe exaggerated claims made by vendors who are overly optimistic or purposely seeking to take advantage of consumers who do not have the expertise to judge a prod... 

About Vendor Management: Negotiations, Budgeting, Mergers and Acquisitions

Get advice from the experts on vendor management and all vendor communications, such as negotiations, budgeting and merger and acquisitions (M&A). Learn how to get security tools and investments at the best price.