Security factors to consider before buying Chinese IT

Vendor Management: Negotiations, Budgeting, Mergers and Acquisitions

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  • snake oil

    In cryptographic and other computer products, snake oil is a negative term used to describe exaggerated claims made by vendors who are overly optimistic or purposely seeking to take advantage of consumers who do not have the expertise to judge a prod... 

  • Podcast: Security360 -- Industry Consolidation

    Companies that thrive in the face of industry consolidation have an effective security strategy and a buying approach based on topics rather than vendor relationships. 

  • HP touts security, trust as it pursues smaller businesses

    Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) realigned its storage group in January, creating a new business unit in its Enterprise Storage and Server (ESS) group that is focusing on HP's Storage Essentials and Server Essentials software. The company also began pushing ... 

  • Verizon to acquire Cybertrust

    Analysts say Verizon's acquisition of Cybertrust could boost the telecom company's credibility among enterprise customers who are increasingly bothered by security challenges. 

  • Microsoft users sticking with third-party security vendors

    IT pros are pleased with Microsoft's security advances, including those found in Forefront. But don't expect them to drop their third-party security vendors. 

  • Websense to acquire SurfControl

    Websense says its planned $400 million acquisition of SurfControl will allow it to better compete in the global security market. 

  • Savvy hackers take the hardware approach

    Sophisticated hackers are finding ways to break into systems by exploiting security flaws in a computer's device drivers, physical memory and PCI cards. As Executive Editor Dennis Fisher explains, while enterprise software vendors ... 

  • Cisco to acquire Reactivity for $135 million

    One analyst says Cisco will benefit from Reactivity's policy and threat management capabilities. 

  • When security firms merge, some users are losers

    Some users see their services improve when IT security vendors merge with other companies or get acquired. Others say they've been left out in the cold. 

  • Top 5 questions to ask when shopping for a compliance product

    The Podcast featured here examines what it takes to implement an effective security and compliance framework.