Virtualization security dynamics get old

Virtualization Security Issues and Threats

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  • Virtualization security dynamics get old, changes ahead

    Virtualization and cloud computing are part and parcel of enterprise networks today. Virtualization security, however, is still a bolt-on affair rather than a service layer that is well integrated into infrastructures or tied to workloads directly. I... 

  • Effectively navigating the security risk assessment process

    This month’s Information Security magazine cover story focuses on active strategies for malware resistance and compliance, data protection and incident responses found in VDI approaches. Learn how you can implement three top strategies to ensure your... 

  • Best practices for securing virtual machines

    This month’s Information Security magazine explores the need for sound security and risk management strategies around virtualization technology. You'll also get expert advice and learn about the latest best practices for securing virtual machines. We... 

  • Virtualization security strategies in action

    Space savings and reductions in energy costs are causing more organizations to move, or at least consider the move, to virtual environments. Download this e-book and discover how to mitigate the inherent security risks associated with the adoption of... 

  • Five crucial virtualization do's and don'ts

    In this month's issue of Information Security magazine, learn five virtualization security do's and don'ts. Read about virtualization products, segmentation, and implementation, and patching virtual machines. We review Credant Mobile Guardian 6.0, Ar... 

  • Five Steps to Incident Management in a Virtualized Environment

    Incident management (IM) is a necessary part of a security program. When effective, it mitigates business impact, identifies weaknesses in controls, and helps fine-tune response processes. Traditional IM approaches, however, are not always effective ... 

  • AV storm

    An AV storm is the performance degradation that occurs when antivirus software simultaneously scans multiple virtual machines (VMs) on a single physical host.  

About Virtualization Security Issues and Threats

Get advice from the experts on all things virtualization security, such as virtualization management, tools, products, training and software. Also Learn how the emergence of virtualization products and technology affect enterprise security.