Virtualization security dynamics get old

Virtualization Security Issues and Threats

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  • Virtualization: Disruptive technologies part 4

    Is there a future for vendors offering security solutions for virtualized environments, or will security eventually be almost entirely built-in? Experts Chris Hoff, Rich Mogull and Dino Dai Zovi discuss. 

  • Virtualization: Disruptive technologies part 1

    Virtualization promises enterprises amazing cost-saving benefits, but what about the inherent security threats? In part one of this panel, Chris Hoff, Rich Mogull and Dino Dai Zovi discuss the greatest threats to virtualized environments, including s... 

  • Will cloud computing and virtualization save the day?

    Will cloud computing and virtualization make enterprises more secure or leave them more vulnerable? At Information Security Decisions 2008, security researchers discuss the pros and cons of the inevitable cloud (part 3 of 4). 

  • Cisco: Cybercriminals more savvy than ever in 2008

    The annual Cisco security report shows increases in hacker tactics, Web threats, Internet cybercrime, email spam and virtualization vulnerabilities. 

  • PCI needs to address virtualization, experts say

    The standard for protecting cardholder data doesn't account for virtualized servers, which some say opens the door to audit problems 

  • Solidcore CEO to focus security on virtualization

    Anne Bonaparte took the reins as CEO of Solidcore Systems Inc. in May and has spent a lot of time since talking to customers and helping the company adapt its strategy to the changing realities of security and compliance. With a background that inclu... 

  • VMware loses key security execs

    VMware security chief Nand Mulchandani is stepping down to be the CEO at OpenDNS. The company also lost one of its key product security experts. 

  • What risks do application virtualization products pose?

    Phrases that continue to be used to describe application virtualization are "isolation" or "bubble," but Michael Cobb examines the possible threats entering or escaping those 'isolated' environments. 

  • Virtual network tool gives firm view into virtualized environment

    Nielsen Mobile uses Altor Networks' security analyzer to gain insight into virtual network activity 

  • Can virtualized applications interact without permission?

    If a guest OS in a virtualized system is compromised, it could theoretically go through the hypervisor layer and compromise the rest of the guest operating systems. But what about an environment with virtualized applications?