Virtualization security dynamics get old

Virtualization Security Issues and Threats

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  • Preparing for virtualization security unknowns

    Server virtualization technology is revolutionizing enterprise data centers, but nobody knows just how it will affect enterprise information security. As security expert Mike Rothman writes, there are a number of potential dangers involved with makin... 

  • Why can't antimalware tools scan inside virtual machines?

    You'd think that it would be easy for an antimalware tool to see what's going on inside a virtual workstation. Unfortunately, it's not. In this expert Q&A, Ed Skoudis explains the difficulty of scanning a guest virtual machine. 

  • Will using virtualization software put an enterprise at risk?

    A virtualized IT infrastructure can simplify operations and save a company money, but is such an environment secure? In this Q&A, application security expert Michael Cobb explains what can go wrong when making the move to virtualiz... 

  • How well does virtualization technology defend against malware?

    Virtualization products can protect your host operating system from malware, but the their detection methods aren't foolproof. In this expert Q&A, information security threats expert Ed Skoudis explains how malware and its writers are catching on to ... 

  • How can rootkit hypervisors affect operating system security?

    What can rookit hypervisors do to your operating system? "Whatever their creators want!" says application security expert Michael Cobb. In this Q&A, Cobb explains how rootkit hypervisors could defeat the security defenses of a virt... 

  • Symantec CIO vies with virtualization, device policy

    Symantec CIO David Thompson says virtualization is a big part of the security giant's future and it has developed a policy to mitigate virtualization security risks. 

  • Virtualization eases patch management pain

    IT managers are learning that using desktop virtualization software to patch their enterprise desktops has the potential to save time, money and energy. 

  • special coverage: Black Hat 2006

    Check here regularly as reporters from and Information Security magazine post the latest news and tidbits from Black Hat 2006 in Las Vegas. 

  • Black Hat preview: Spotlight on Vista, new exploits

    Researchers will pick apart Windows Vista and shine a light on security holes affecting NAC, VoIP, Web applications and databases at this year's Black Hat USA 2006 gathering. 

  • Security Blog Log: Has CSI/FBI survey jumped the shark?

    Also: A sign the government may finally be getting it on information security, and Blue Pill's creator explains why the effort should be taken seriously.