Virtualization security dynamics get old

Virtualization Security Issues and Threats

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  • Will allowing virtual machines increase risk exposure?

    Implementing enterprise virtual machines can lead to invisible pockets of software in a work environment. In this expert Q&A, Ed Skoudis explains what kind of bargain you can strike with VM users. 

  • Why can't antimalware tools scan inside virtual machines?

    You'd think that it would be easy for an antimalware tool to see what's going on inside a virtual workstation. Unfortunately, it's not. In this expert Q&A, Ed Skoudis explains the difficulty of scanning a guest virtual machine. 

  • Will using virtualization software put an enterprise at risk?

    A virtualized IT infrastructure can simplify operations and save a company money, but is such an environment secure? In this Q&A, application security expert Michael Cobb explains what can go wrong when making the move to virtualiz... 

  • How well does virtualization technology defend against malware?

    Virtualization products can protect your host operating system from malware, but the their detection methods aren't foolproof. In this expert Q&A, information security threats expert Ed Skoudis explains how malware and its writers are catching on to ... 

  • How can rootkit hypervisors affect operating system security?

    What can rookit hypervisors do to your operating system? "Whatever their creators want!" says application security expert Michael Cobb. In this Q&A, Cobb explains how rootkit hypervisors could defeat the security defenses of a virt...