Virtualization security dynamics get old

Virtualization Security Issues and Threats

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  • Using VMware for malware analysis

    Virtualization software like VMware helps ease the challenges of malware analysis. Malware expert Lenny Zeltser explains the steps enterprises must take to ensure malicious software doesn't leak out of their VMware-based labs and endanger production ... 

  • Preparing for virtualization security unknowns

    Server virtualization technology is revolutionizing enterprise data centers, but nobody knows just how it will affect enterprise information security. As security expert Mike Rothman writes, there are a number of potential dangers involved with makin... 

  • It's time to take a look at server virtualization

    Virtualization in the data center is nothing new. But thanks mostly to the server consolidation craze, the concept is just now really making strides. 

  • Selecting a boot partition security