With new security features, is Dropbox safe for enterprises?

Web Application Security

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  • Application logging is critical in detecting hack attacks

    Now that networks are fairly well-protected, attackers are targeting application servers. In this tip, security expert Mike Chapple explains how implementing application layer logging is becoming a crucial addition to every organization's security st... 

  • Preventing blind SQL injection attacks

    Most security professionals know what SQL injection attacks are and how to protect their Web applications against them. But, they may not know that their preventative measures may be leaving their applications open to blind SQL injection attacks. SQL... 

  • HTTP attacks: Strategies for prevention

    Examine how hackers manipulate HTTP requests to solicit an attack, and learn various guidelines developers should follow to mitigate this threat. 

  • Best practices for pen testing Web applications

    Performing a Web application penetration test can gauge how well your Web application can withstand an attack. In this tip, platform security expert Michael Cobb provides best practices for performing Web application pen test. 

  • Automate SQL injection testing

    Manual testing for SQL injection requires much effort with little guarantee that you'll find every vulnerability. Instead, run automated SQL injection tests. In this tip, security guru Kevin Beavers shows you how. 

  • Secure data transmission methods

    The main purpose of this tip is to explore secure data transmission options that are available to help meet regulatory and legal requirements. 

  • RSS: The next malware target?

    A recent report from Trend Micro names RSS as the next likely target for bot worm attacks and predicts feed hijackings will be prevalent with the release of IE 7. In this tip, security expert Mike Chapple explains how RSS could be exploited, and offe... 

  • Application firewall tips and tricks

    While network firewalls are effective at blocking unwanted communications, they do not provide a complete examination of traffic entering your network. Therefore, adding application-layer firewalls is essential to protecting your network from the ins... 

  • Don't hide sensitive information in hidden form fields

    Web security guru Michael Cobb, takes an in-depth look at the dangers of HIDDEN form fields, how attackers use them to gain unauthorized entry or hijack sessions, and most importantly, how to secure the information sent in these fields. 

  • Spycatcher Enterprise 3.2

    Learn if Tenebril's Spycatcher Enterprise 3.2 can help those looking to win the war on spyware.