With new security features, is Dropbox safe for enterprises?

Web Application Security

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  • Securing Web apps against authenticated users

    Improve Web site security by securing Web applications from authenticated users and avoiding client-side authentication. 

  • How to secure session tokens

    Dos and don'ts for protecting session IDs for users of e-commerce Web sites. 

  • HIVE 3.0

    Information Security magazine reviews the strengths and weaknesses of Sentryware's HIVE 3.0. 

  • Deal with cross-site scripting

    Learn what a cross-site scripting attack is, how it affects Web users and their systems and what developers should do to prevent future security problems. 

  • Web security benchmarks

    Learn how to increase your security posture and what resources are available to security admininstrators who want to quickly ramp up their posture of their protected systems. 

  • Improper error handling

    This tip explains what improper error handling is, how it leads to a variety of application attacks, and what programmers can do to secure their Web applications. 

  • WebInspect Enterprise Edition 4.0

    Learn why Information Security magazine believes SPI Dynamics' WebInspect 4.0 is a must-have for any application development toolbox. 

  • Avoid the hazards of unvalidated Web application input

    Learn how unvalidate Web application input works and what programmers can do to secure their Web applications. 

  • BugScan

    Find out why Information Security magazine believes Bugscan is an excellent tool for enterprises who are focused on rooting out risks and maintaining secure project code. 

  • How to avoid authentication bypass attacks

    Learn the many forms of authentication bypass attacks, how they happen and tactics for avoiding them.