WhatIs definition: BYOI (bring your own identity)

Web Authentication and Access Control

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  • Database authentication, encryption getting priority in some businesses

    While more organizations are seeking database authentication and encryption technologies, others are turning to database monitoring to secure data. 

  • Pitfalls aplenty going SOA

    Service-oriented architectures may improve the standardization and efficiency of your business -- often at the expense of security. Michael S. Mimoso investigates the security features that vendors are adding to their Web services and SOA products. 

  • IBM tool makes online purchases anonymous

    A new tool makes online purchases anonymous by using artificial identity information. Experts say enterprises need to adopt the technology before it can become a viable option. 

  • ControlGuard targets rogue devices

    ControlGuard Access Manager is an effective tool for controlling what devices users can add to their workstations and how they are used. 

  • Employee monitoring should be done with care

    Employee monitoring is on the rise as organizations try to safeguard their sensitive information and increase productivity. However, one security expert says there are several important questions to ask before implementing an employee monitoring prog... 

  • FullArmor lives up to its name

    PolicyPortal provides an Internet interface to easily configure, monitor and enforce near real-time Active Directory-based policy compliance through client agents. 

  • Employees to execs: It's OK to watch

    More than half of an average company's employees surf the Internet for fun while at work, but many workers say they don't mind if their employers control when and what they view. 

  • Fighting the uphill battle against renegade apps

    Experts say keeping unsanctioned apps and technologies off company computers is a difficult battle to win. But protecting the network is possible. 

  • Wacky Web misuses highlight internal risks

    One vendor says selling corporate assets on eBay, spying on coworkers and running illegal gambling rings are just a few examples of the crazy stunts employees will try when given unchecked use of the Web at work. 

  • Web sites work to punch holes in corporate Web filters

    A growing number of Web sites are providing information and tools to help individuals undermine their organizations' Web security systems. Is it a fight against Big Brother, or a security disaster waiting to happen?