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Web Browser Security

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  • IE 8 beta 2 security features may mark improvements for browser security

    Despite Microsoft's previous best efforts to build a more secure browser, some users may have been discouraged with Internet Explorer 7. That may change now with the beta release of IE 8. Michael Cobb explores the latest browser's security features a... 

  • Preparing for uniform resource identifier (URI) exploits

    URIs have always been a user-friendly way to recognize and access Web resources. By crafting malicious URLs and manipulating protocol handlers, however, attackers have devised new attacks that take advantage of the URI's locator functionality. Web se... 

  • Scaling back Web browser security expectations

    Some say the state of Web browser security is in peril because browsers often fail to act as a first line of defense against malware. Does that mean there's a browser architecture crisis? Web security expert Michael Cobb says Web browser security cou... 

  • Firefox 2.0 vs. Internet Explorer 7

    Tired of sifting through articles on IE7 and Firefox 2.0 in an attempt to determine which one best meets your Web browser security needs? In this tip, SearchSecurity.com Web security expert Michael Cobb highlights what has been added and updated to I... 

  • Opera 9: Raising the bar in Web browser war

    In this tip, Michael Cobb reviews the new security features of Opera's latest browser Opera 9 and examines how they've upped the ante in the ongoing browser war. 

  • RSS: The next malware target?

    A recent report from Trend Micro names RSS as the next likely target for bot worm attacks and predicts feed hijackings will be prevalent with the release of IE 7. In this tip, security expert Mike Chapple explains how RSS could be exploited, and offe... 

  • The pros and cons of migrating to Firefox

    Making the switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox isn't a security cure-all. Here are some factors to consider before you change Web browsers. 

  • Opera: Another contender in the browser wars

    Opera Software removed the ad banners and dropped the licensing fees from its browser, making Opera a viable alternative to Internet Explorer. Learn how Opera compares to Firefox in terms of security measures and the drawbacks of using an alternative... 

  • How to prevent the risks of client-side caching

    Problems of client-side caching and tips for developers on using secure cache-control directives. 

  • How to detect and prevent keylogger attacks

    Learn five tactics for protecting your systems against keylogger attacks.