Best practices for securing Apache Web servers

Web Server Threats and Countermeasures

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  • eSafe 4.0

    Information Security magazine reviews the strengths and weakness of eSafe's new content-filtering solution. 

  • UPDATED: Zotob exploits Microsoft Windows flaw

    Security experts are worried by how fast Zotob was developed to exploit Microsoft Windows' Plug and Play flaw. A more damaging worm could be launched with equal speed. 

  • IIS vs. Apache: Which is the right security choice?

    From vulnerabilities to administrator and developer skills, this tip analyzes the risks and benefits to weigh when selecting the right Web server for your organization. 

  • How to reduce risks with URL filtering

    Learn how to protect your network from threats by controlling the URLs that enter and leave it. 

  • Know your enemy: Why your Web site is at risk

    In this Lesson 1 technical paper from Web Security School, guest instructor Michael Cobb outlines the threats to Web sites and who is behind them. 

  • Web Security School Entrance Exam Answers

    Web Security School Entrance Exam Answers 

  • Entrance exam: Web attack prevention and defense

    Test your knowledge of Web security to see if you'd benefit from our Intrusion Defense School lesson, "Web attack prevention and defense." 

  • Quiz: Secure Web directories and development

    Evaluate your knowledge of Web threats and how to defeat them. Questions cover security risks of dynamically created content and proper security management. 

  • Web Security School Lesson 3

    In Lesson 3 of Web Security School, Michael Cobb teaches you how to plan and implement Web directory structures and permissions, and manage secure Web development. Also, a primer on secure coding and data management, and procedures for combating Web ... 

  • Web Security School Lesson 1

    Learn how to plan and perform a secure installation of your Web server's operating system and services.