Wireless LAN Design and Setup

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  • How to block port scan attempts on a public wireless network

    Network security expert Anand Sastry explains how to block port scan attempts on a public wireless network at the host level. 

  • Handheld and mobile device security: Mobile malware, breach prevention

    This mini learning guide offers tips from the experts on how to bulk up your mobile device security policies and techniques in order to protect sensitive corporate data. Our experts define common mobile device security concerns, and identify must-hav... 

  • Securing your wireless network: Preventing wireless security threats

    This mini learning guide helps enterprise information security managers and executives develop a better understanding of wireless network security and learn why investing time and resources in securing your wireless network can help thwart security t... 

  • Wireless network guidelines for PCI DSS compliance

    The PCI Security Standards Council recently released additional guidance for WLANs, but do they make the compliance process easier? Contributor Ben Rothke examines the key points of the new guidelines and offers additional advice for organizations wi... 

  • Savvy VARs should capitalize on wireless LAN security services

    The channel's best bet to profit from WLAN security is in services, ranging from planning and installing secure wireless networks to security and compliance monitoring. 

  • Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning Final Exam

    You've finished Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning, now take this 10-question multiple-choice exam to see how much you've retained. 

  • How to prevent wireless DoS attacks

    Despite recent 802.11 security advances, WLANs remain very vulnerable to Denial of Service attacks. While you may not be able to prevent DoS attacks, a WIDS can help you detect when DoS attacks occur and where they come from, so that you can track th... 

  • Lesson 4 quiz: How to use wireless IPS

    Find out how much you learned in Lesson 4 of Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning. 

  • Wireless intrusion prevention systems: Overlay vs. embedded sensors

    WIPSes rely on sensors to observe and forward traffic summaries to a central analysis server. Overlay WIPS use special-purpose sensors, dedicated to this monitoring task. Embedded WIPS use APs to monitor the WLAN in their spare time. This tip compare... 

  • How to monitor WLAN performance with WIPS

    "Wireless intrusion prevention" -- the very name brings to mind security. But many WIPS products can also be used to monitor WLAN performance, providing valuable insight for trouble-shooting, fine-tuning, and usage planning. This tip explains how to ...