Check Point FireWall-1 (2008)

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Bronze Award:

Check Point FireWall-1 (2008)

Check Point Software Technologies' FireWall-1 took the bronze, with readers recognizing its central management capabilities and its ability to block attacks and unauthorized traffic. FireWall-1--integrated into the company's VPN-1 product line--is based on INSPECT, Check Point's intelligent inspection technology. FireWall-1 integrates network and application-layer firewall protection and makes use of Check Point's SMART management architecture.

FireWall-1 supports more than 200 applications and protocols out of the box, including SQL Server, RPC and CIFS from Microsoft, Oracle SQL and ERP, SOAP and XML, SMTP, POP3, SSL traffic and more. It also secures VoIP applications, and is able to inspect voice protocols such as SIP and H.323.

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